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Onsite and Bedside Ultrasound Service

Allied Imaging Inc utilizes mobile technology to bring convenience, lower cost, and high quality diagnostic imaging to you at a variety of healthcare entities including skilled nursing, assisted living, home health and hospice, private practice, research centers, hospitals, correction facilities and private residencies.

Direct to patient services are our specialty, meeting the needs of those with mobility, transportation and other healthcare access limitations or restrictions. Our goal is to provide you convenience, comfort, and a supportive interaction regardless of your restrictions or location. This service is provided to you at no additional charge over traditional imaging options and is often significantly less costly or completely covered depending on your coverage.

As a patient residing in, or a manager operating over a skilled nursing facility, finding, scheduling and obtaining transportation for services can be costly, time consuming and disrupting to the patient and care staff. We remove the barriers, hassles and cost associated with outside imaging referrals improving overall patient satisfaction and well being.

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Provider Services by Mobile Ultrasound of Idaho

Ultrasound as an Ancillary Service and Additional Applications

Provider services are also available for private practice, specialty medical facilities, and other organizations who utilize, refer and benefit from medical diagnostic ultrasound. We offer are a variety of service and structure options from full service ultrasound clinics to ultrasound education and training.

As a provider setting up a new practice or a current practice looking to add ancillary services to expand patient offerings and drive revenue streams, Mobile Ultrasound’s clinical service contracts are an ideal solution. The ability to offer cost effective services with proven results that are flexible and scalable are several factors to a thriving, adaptable and profitable practice. Leverage our years of experience in supporting, adding value and improving care in your practice. References are available from our valued client provider partners.

Perhaps offering a convenient and cost effective imaging solution to your patients is a desire. We can provide a fully independent onsite ultrasound service giving you the benefits of expedient results, improved coordination of care and increased patient interaction. Your patients will benefit from a seamless imaging experience in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your practice.

For practices with ultrasound service currently, you can leverage our service for staffing coverage, training or equipment duplication needs. We strive to be a leader in ultrasound related solutions and enjoy new challenges.

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